A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said that they would prefer to have Petaluma’s east side SMART station located on Old Redwood Highway instead of the city’s preferred location at Corona Road and McDowell Boulevard.

Here are some comments:

“Corona will be too congested with that ridiculous housing complex.”

“It doesn’t really matter. It won’t be built anyway, sort of like our long promised Rainier over crossing. Just another reason why citizens have no faith in politicians.”

“I’m officially not a fan of the current SMART leadership. Too many conflicts with municipalities and/or developers and the losers are the citizens of the counties who pay the bills and are who SMART is supposed to serve. Housing is desperately needed. Stop feuding with developers. Figure it out and get the housing built near the station, as planned at Corona Road. ”

“Isn’t Corona the obvious choice, closest to those who will use it?”

“Old Redwood is a bigger space close to where the jobs are located and far less likely to congest a busy intersection with limited space for development.”

“Old Redwood is a much better place. It has more parking and easier to get to. We need it now and the Corona station is not going to happen anytime in the near future. There is to much traffic at the downtown station to even get there.”

“The area around Old Redwood Highway and North McDowell has many businesses and companies that employ thousands of people. Why not put the second SMART station at a logical destination point?”

“The important issue is not whether it is Corona or Old Redwood, but which site has the most parking.”