A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said that they favor federal universal background checks for gun buyers.

Here are some comments:

“Assault weapons should be banned from public purchase. Then again, guns will be purchased illegally, and escape the system.”

“Our state government needs to fund the numerous gun control laws already on the books that currently have no money to enforce them.”

“Ban all military style assault rifles, but keep handguns for home and self defense.”

“Congress should pass a bill that provides penalties for agencies that do not enforce the current background checks.”

“I believe we should do all we can to prevent gun violence, that includes enforcement of current laws. We cannot keep sweeping the mental issues under the rug that plague our society. Guns haven’t changed, society has.”

“It would be sensible for a universal standard to apply nationwide and would not infringe of the 2nd Amendment, but, equally, illegal ownership or use of weapons in crimes must be treated very harshly.”

“The NRA and their paid for stooges in the White House and Congress need to go. The gun fetish in this country is disgusting.”

“The right to bear muskets should not be infringed. Other than that, let’s take all possible steps to control guns.”

“There are already intensive background checks for firearm sales. What more do you think can be done?”