A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said they would like to see the iconic Seed Bank building in downtown become a food and drink maker space. The new tenants have asked for feedback on what should go into the space.

Here are some comments:

“Almost anything, but not anything to do with Cannabis. That is not a good thing for our city and especially in that location.”

“An event space would be nice; cannabis makes me physically sick so that would not be a wise choice.”

“The city does not need another bar or restaurant downtown. Our police have enough alcohol fueled problems downtown already.”

“How about a nice vinyl record shop or another bookstore?”

“Petaluma needs more event spaces for meetings, parties, and events of all sizes. Rooftop facility is an interesting proposal. We have plenty of restaurants and breweries already. An interior farmers market space would be interesting as well.”

“Something for everyone should be a priority. Definitely not a cannabis or tobacco related business.”

“With all the problems with alcohol use in downtown Petaluma, we do not need the sale of drugs added. Let’s get back to a family downtown.”

“Parking and traffic continue to be the issues to any business succeeding in downtown Petaluma. There is currently not enough parking to sustain existing businesses so it does not make sense to add another business until the city addresses the parking shortage.”

“Please not another chicken mural.”

“There is no parking for the business anyway.”