A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said they are somewhat prepared for a natural disaster.

Here are some comments:

“I admit, earthquakes are a frightening fact in California. However, at this point, I have no preparedness for any form of disaster, not just because my household is just plain lazy or complacent, but that it involves so many factors like money and travel. Not to mention, there lingers the psychological factor for having one’s life severely disrupted by a natural disaster.”

“I don’t feel anyone is 100 percent prepared for any disaster. It can happen so fast.”

“I have some of the basics for disaster preparedness, but don’t want to become a prepper. When I was a child, one household in the neighborhood built an underground bomb shelter beneath their front yard, after the Cuban Missile Crisis. A couple years later they gave away all the canned goods to kids at Halloween.”

“I have some supplies and a general plan, but not a specific plan.”

“The fires were certainly a wake up call. I’m better about having a go-bag ready to roll now.”

“I recently donated money to KQED and got their survival bucket. Now I’m prepared.”

“There are too many other things going on in life to worry about ‘what if.’ I’m pretty sure I can handle most anything that nature throws my way.”

“After the fires, I got all the supplies needed for my family and created an emergency plan.”

“I’m not even prepared for a day that doesn’t include a disaster.”