A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said Petaluma should renew its lease with the Sonoma-Marin Fair for the fairgrounds property instead of develop the land.

Here are some comments:

“Agriculture is such an integral part of Sonoma Counties history and the fair. There is such a disconnect between the modern consumer and where their food comes from. Allowing the public to meet their farmers and the next generation of farmers is crucial.”

“As an area in the urban growth boundry, the Fairgrounds property is best utilized for housing development near mass transit.”

“Develop actually affordable homes and condos on it. That is much more meaningful than a little fair held one week per year.”

“Develop the property and negotiate the building of new city infrastructure such as a new police and fire department buildings in the terms of the sale. This could provide funds for the city to use for road improvements while alleviating the need to replace two critical buildings which are dilapidated, inadequate, and not to code to withstand a natural disasters.”

“Ideally I would like the fair to remain and consolidate and use the rest of this prime land for development.”

“The Sonoma-Marin Fair hosts the largest youth livestock show, and should be preserved to encourage life-long learning and support of our local agricultural community. Refine the fair to reduce the infomercial type product sales and clutter, add a daily farmers market, add more Harvest Fair type activities and vendors. Continue to keep the space available for the entire community to use as a general purpose facility.”

“Some things are worth keeping as they are and not profit from the highest dollar which may not serve all the community. There are many reasons and many events that take place on the fairgrounds. We don’t always have to make change just to change.”

“Keep the Fair. The farming community is who helped build this town.”