A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said Petaluma should ban the sale of fireworks.

Here are some comments:

“Dry grass, wind, fire. Put these together with a bunch of clueless idiots and it spells disaster.”

“A local fireworks show should suffice. No need for safe/sane fireworks this day and age.”

“Banning Fireworks is a no-brainer. As for nonprofits losing money, they seem to do just fine in other cities without it. Selling Fireworks is just too easy and it takes little effort.”

“Banning the sale and use of all fireworks in Petaluma, as many other cities have done, would allow our police department to devote more resources to catching those who are using the most dangerous, currently illegal fireworks. The heightened fire danger in Sonoma County is reason enough, it’s time to do this.”

“Certain ones should be illegal. Safe fireworks sold at fundraising for nonprofit should be legal.”

“If the safe and sane fireworks we all enjoy are used in the middle of a street, they’re not going to start a fire. It’s the illegal bottle rockets which are so dangerous.”

“In the nine Bay area counties, only 10 cities allow fireworks. Unfortunately, three of them, including Petaluma, are in Sonoma County. Some cities impose a fine of $1,500 for using fireworks. When we can figure out how to prevent careless use of fireworks, they should be legal. Until then, not.”

“As much as I enjoy them, I recognize the fire danger simply isn’t worth it.”