A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said they are happy with Petaluma’s new cell phone tower policy, which limits small cell phone towers in residential areas.

Here are some comments:

“I believe cell phone towers do cause cancer. Best to keep them at least 500 feet away from our homes, and our schools, too.”

“Five hundred feet of homes is a good start. I think the more feet away the better. All research I have seen so far shows that cell phone towers are not good for our health.”

“Aside from any concerns about aesthetics or their effect on property values, both seriously negative, the scientific research results regarding their affects on the health of humans and other species are deeply concerning. We would be wise to act with restraint and caution until the final verdict is in, which may be years from now.”

“Cell phone towers emit high levels of harmful electromagnetic frequencies that have been scientifically proven to impact the health of developing fetuses and babies. They have no place around someone’s home or schools or parks.”

“Emerging science is demonstrating that there are health impacts from cell tower radiation. Petaluma is right to place the public health of its residents over financial benefits for the wireless industry.”

“In addition to supporting such local policies as Petaluma’s, we need to be taking a precautionary approach as we concurrently increase our health-focused research on EMF-based technologies. The emerging research should sound a warning bell for us.”

“It should be even a farther.”