A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said Adobe Road should not be required to build a bike path along the Turning Basin with their winery project.

Here are some comments:

“A bike path and walking path should be built. Make your mega project a little smaller. What started as a tasting room and winery is now a museum (not needed) too. Big ego. Wants to show off everything. Keep your museum out of town or in a separate facility. Also not enough provided parking on site.”

“Absolutely. The bike path should go to D Street and beyond. It shouldn’t die at the foot of C Street like it does now. We’ll never have this opportunity again.”

“A bike path to where? There’s no access behind the building now and a new bike path would dead-end at the PG&E sub station with no way out. Can’t get past the PG&E yard to D Street bridge.”

“I understand that Adobe Road is willing to contribute towards the cost of a publlic park at the foot of C Street which would be better than a short bike path.”

“Why make it a requirement? If the city has money to blow on bathtub ‘art,’ then let the city find a way to pay for the path.”

“Enough of pandering to the bike crowd who ride where they want anyway without regard for sharing anything.”

“Why should that be Adobe’s responsibility? If a bike path is a public service then the public should pay for it.”

They should have an unfettered view of the Turning Basin for their patrons, not people cruising along a bike path to nowhere.”