A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said they do not feel safe driving on Lakeville Highway southeast of Petaluma.

Here are some comments:

“It’s a dangerous road for anybody. It’s unfair people have to die by other peoples’ hands, whether its a simple over-correcting mistake or drunk driving. It took many people dying on Highway 37 to install a concrete barrier. Now more families will be crushed by poor decisions until a barrier is built. I worry every day the next person who dies could be my husband or children.”

“Any two lane road going 55 mph or more in Sonoma County is ultimately not safe to drive. These are roads that used to be farm roads with little traffic. All of these roads should have dividers on them, and the county is negligent to allow so much development without proper infrastructure.”

“For some reason there have to be a certain number of fatalities before corrective action is taken and that number has not yet been reached.”

“I avoid this road at all costs. It legitimately scares me. And I urge family and friends never to drive on it, especially at night, as well. Also never make a left hand turn.”

“I drive Lakeville all the time. It is safer than most two-lane rural roads because it is relatively straight. Short of turning it into a four-lane divided highway, I don’t see what can be done to make it safer. Perhaps putting in a couple of passing lanes would make it safer, but there needs to be data to support that.”

“I worry every single time someone in my family has to drive there.”

“It is a beautiful drive that I would enjoy if I wasn’t so scared.”