A majority of respondents to an online Argus-Courier poll said they will vote yes on Proposition 6, which would repeal the gas tax increase.

Here are some comments:

“No one likes more taxes but realistically our roads are crumbling, and continuing to vote against tax measures is ineffective. The gas tax allows a fair and equitable assessment. Those who use the roads the most, pay the most for repair.”

“It should have never been forced on Californians, without a vote in the first place. California pays way more in gas than most other states, if not all other states. More taxes is killing us. So many citizens are fleeing California due to the ever increasing cost of living in this state.”

“The states leaders need to move the money being spent on the useless high-speed train to the state’s infrastructure.”

“This increase is long overdue.”

“This tax is necessary and I pay it willingly so that our infrastructure can be taken care of. This is part of social responsibility, which too many people have forgotten.”

“There is plenty of money in government to solve the woes of America’s infrastructure without raising taxes. It’s how these funds are allocated that is the problem.”

“The state is unable to efficiency manage our tax money and gas prices are already too high in California.”

“Public services cost money. Time for Californians to be grownups and accept that reality.”

“Prices are high enough and the government is in bed with the oil companies.”